You Chipped a Tooth

tooth with a crackYou chipped a tooth, you made a dentist appointment, now what?  What should you expect when you visit the dentist?  Treatments vary depending on where the chipped tooth is located in your mouth and the severity of the chip.

If a tooth is just slightly chipped, the dentist may repair it with a filling.  If the chip is in one of your front teeth, your dentist might choose to repair it with a tooth-colored composite resin.  This process is called bonding.   It can typically be done without numbing your mouth.  The first step in the process of bonding is to roughen the tooth’s surface with a special liquid or gel so the bonding material will be able to adhere to the tooth.  In the next stop the dentist applies an adhesive to the tooth, before finally applying the bonding material.  The dentist then shapes the bonding material to look like a natural tooth.  The final step in the procedure is to shine an ultraviolet light on the tooth to harden the bonding material.  This tooth repair can be done in one visit to the dentist’s office.

A dental veneer is another way to repair a chipped tooth.  This is a thin shell of tooth colored porcelain or resin composite material that lightly covers the entire front of the tooth.  The section over the chip will be slightly thicker than that over the rest of the tooth.In order to prepare your tooth, the dentist will remove a very thin layer of enamel from the tooth’s surface.  Then the dentist will make an impression of the tooth to be sent to a lab.  The veneer will be made in the lab and returned to the dentist.  This usually takes a week or two.  When you return to the dentist, s/he will use a liquid to roughen the surface of the tooth, much like with the bonding process.  Finally, the dentist will apply a special cement to the veneer and then place the veneer onto the tooth.  A special light is used to make the cement harden quickly.

For a large chip, or broken tooth, the procedure is more complicated.  The dentist will have to put a crown or cap on the tooth.  This will require more than one trip to the dentist.  At the first visit the dentist will take x-rays to make sure the roots of the tooth and the surrounding bone are in good shape.  Providing everything checks out, the dentist will numb the area and remove a section of the remaining tooth to make space for a crown.  The next step is when the dentist uses a putty-like material to make an impression of the chipped tooth as well as the tooth it will bite down on to.  The impression is then sent to a lab where the crown will be constructed.  To protect the tooth while you wait for the crown, the dentist will give you a temporary crown.  These are made of acrylic or thin metal.

It may take two or three weeks before you return to the dentist for your permanent crown.  At this visit, the dentist will put the permanent crown in place and check to make sure it fits correctly into your mouth.  After the dentist has verified the crown fits properly, s/he will cement it into place with a permanent adhesive.



Is your dentist mercury safe?

Natural caduceus conceptScience and medicine are always moving forward, and it is amazing to think that in the last thirty years so much has been achieved. People are living longer and most importantly healthier lives, and that is brilliant – but the trouble is, we have to trust our doctors and dentists are totally up to speed with the latest developments. We are trusting every single person that takes care of us that they are reading the right research, checking with the specialists, and passing on those amazing advances in knowledge onto us. The real worry is when they do not do that, and it is huge problem with dentistry.

You may think that your dentist is excellent, but there is one really simple way for you to find out whether they are ahead of the game: ask your dentist whether they are mercury safe. Mercury has been used within the field of dentistry for hundreds of years, but the latest research has categorically proven that mercury actually damages people’s health. Until a few years ago, mercury fillings were the only possible option, and that mercury would slowly seep into a person’s blood stream, and slowly poison them.

Now, thankfully, medical research has demonstrated that it is totally possible to create a filling that does not include any mercury within it whatsoever, and that is what all of the dentists in the world should be using. It is a great indicator that shows whether or not your dentist is on the ball – because if they are willing to put a known poison and toxin into your mouth, what else could they be doing wrong? You owe it to yourself and to your health to find out whether or not your dentist is up to speed with the latest dental developments, and so you should definitely be asking them whether or not they are mercury safe.


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The Dangers behind Mercury

holisticMercury is a huge issue, especially in the dental industry. You may have heard a bit of talk about mercury free dentistry and wonder why it all matters. Here, we will tell you more about the dangers behind mercury. Mercury is a metal that is used in traditional dentistry to create silver colored fillings. Mercury free dentistry, though, gives patients a choice about their health, as well as environmental health. If you are curious to learn more about the truth concerning mercury and dentistry, then simply read on.

Exposure Issues

You may be thinking that mercury in dental fillings must be so scant that it has to be trivial. Right? All the mercury you are exposed to over your lifetime actually builds-up in your body. Too much of it, over time, can cause kidney issues. Mercury is especially dangerous to younger children. Studies have showed that mercury exposure can actually lower the IQ of younger patients. And think of all the dental workers who have been forced to work with mercury for years. Clearly, mercury poses some real risks to everyone around it. You and your family are no different.

Environmental Concerns

Are you trying to do your part for the environment? If so, then mercury free dentistry should be your top choice. Thousands and thousands of mercury fillings, in the years past, were used in dental practices all around the world. Mercury has leached into various waterways, and even into the ground though burials of those with mercury fillings. Now, we are paying for this grave mistake. Plenty of sea life, including some types of fish that we eat, have been effected by the increase of mercury levels in the environment. By choosing to go mercury free today, you could be helping the generations after your own.

Choosing the Right Dentist

So how can you rest assured that you will not be exposed to mercury through your dentist? By choosing a mercury free dentistry, of course. Luckily, we are one of the most trusted mercury free dentistry clinics in the area. We offer family dentistry, preventative care, and much more using holistic methods unlike those in traditional clinics. When you choose us, we promise to never introduce any toxins into your body. Our practice is actually 100% toxin free. We carefully choose all the dental care products that we use and recommend to be the same.

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Brushing your teeth: boring or brilliant?

BLD029665When we were all children, there were some things that we just hated to do. Whether it was keeping our rooms tidy, doing our homework, and not fighting with our siblings, there were all difficult, boring, or a mixture of the two. But the ultimate and very worst for many people is the classic brushing of the teeth. Of course, from a very young age we are taught to brush our teeth at least twice a day, to ensure that our teeth and gums remain as health as possible for as long as possible – but that does not make it fun!

On the other hand, there are many people that actually enjoy brushing their teeth. For them, it is a chance to stop and prepare themselves for the day ahead in the morning, and stop and take stock of their day in the evening. It is actually very calming, going through the routine of brushing flossing your teeth. Nothing quite beats the feeling of your tongue running across your teeth when you have just brushed. People that love brushing their teeth, of course, are often naturally happier in a routine.

Whichever side you fall down on, you hopefully do it twice a day – but we would ask you to take a really good look at your toothpaste as you put your HERE to your mouth once more today. After all, in all of those years of brushing your teeth, have you ever considered what you are actually putting into your mouth? Most people haven’t, but you would be surprised how many dangerous chemicals are actually ingredients within toothpaste. So whether or not your think that brushing your teeth is boring or brilliant, make an informed choice about what you use to do it!

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Preparing yourself for your Botox training

Woman giving botox injections.Have you ever considered taking botox training?  It’s not a bad idea in this day and age.  People are in the market to look younger longer, and botox therapy is one very common way that they achieve that.

Botox injections help smooth out and tighten the skin on a person’s face.  It can make someone look years younger than they are, without plastic surgery.  This is the big selling point, of course.  Most people would like to look younger, but don’t want to invest the time and money to have surgery done.  A botox injection is a lot more convenient.

Since this isn’t something that can be done at home, people who want an injection must have it done by doctors trained to give Botox.  Fortunately, this is a procedure that can be done by a doctor, RN, or even a dentist.  So, no matter what sort of practice you’ve got, you can generally add botox injections to the list of services you offer.

Remember, though, botox injections can be very dangerous if not done properly.  This is an actual poison that you are injecting into someone’s skin, so if your considering botox therapy, please take it very seriously.  Complications that can occur include paralysis of the face, discoloration of the skin, blindness, and even death in some cases.

Generally, botox therapy should be handled by someone in the medical profession.  It does require additional certification.  So, if you’re interested in getting training, take some time to find the best course.

Not all courses are created equal, of course.  It’s best to look into a few different courses, and see which one is best.  You don’t want to feel rushed with this decision, after all.  Always remember that this is something that you are investing in for your future, and the well being of your patients.  As your potential instructor any questions you may have before you sign up.

Here are three common questions people have when considering botox training.


What does it cost?

Botox training generally costs upward of $12,000.  This is a medical procedure you’re learning, after all.  Now, keep in mind, that a botox injection generally costs around $80.00, and it’s common for patiants to come back for additonal injections about every three to six months.  This is a great way to add extra income for your practice, and you will likely make the money you invest in the class back quickly.


Do I need any certifications first?

Yes.  Most accredited classes will only teach medical professionals.  By this, they mean doctors, nurses and dentists.


How long will it take?

The good news is that botox training takes very little time.  A lot of classes are done in a day, at most two weeks.  At that point, you have your certification, and can start preforming botox injections.

Botox training can a great addition to most practices.  If you’re looking to provide new services to your patients, or perhaps gain better employment in the medical field, then it is definitely something to consider.


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Benefits of sliding doors

house barn doorThere are endless benefits of installing a sliding door over your traditional type of door. For one, you never have to worry about having a door being in someone way. one of the smallest benefits as well! In many situations, a sliding door is one of the wisest choices that you can make for the interior of your house.

One of the first major benefits you get with a sliding door is that it takes up less space. A standard door can take up to nine square feet of space. Do not even get me started on how much space the outlandish French doors can take. As a homeowner then you should know that space is necessary. Sliding doors only take up a few inches of floor space (this being the sliding track) at the cost of a being less protected than your typical doors.

Do be warned. Not every small room should have a sliding door since you need to have enough wall space to slide the door over so you closets will always be traditional it seems unless you get a pocket sliding door! The only difference between this and the sliding door is that some demolition is needed. Please hire a professional for this.

Now the other major reason that you will want a sliding door is that it is stylish! Designer Jeanette Van Wicklen has one of the most beautiful and tasteful sliding doors that I have ever seen. If your room is going for a rustic feel, then nothing will piece it together better then a sliding door! She is not the only one who is enjoying the look of sliding doors as Su Casa Designs, Feldman Architecture, TruLinea Architects, and Murphy & Co are just some of the big names who made a switch to sliding door. Rather you are going for a country look or want a door that looks just like a wall then a sliding door is a solution for you!


Glass closet doors is the right choice for those looking for comfort

Customized sliding doorThe custom sliding closet door is not something new in the sphere of design interior. What is more, this trend has become so widely used in both residential and commercial places, that there is left only to wonder how designers are still managing to think of new and more original ways to interpret simple sliding closet doors.

1)    Custom sliding closet doors is a great choice for you when you simply need to save space and visually expand a room. Carefully chosen glass material can do miracles.

2)    Sliding doors can be used to serve several purposes. On the one hand, they can be used for the original and main purpose, which is to hide all your private stuff from the curious eyes of your visitors. On the other hand, an original designer approach can make it simply divide space in a room. Such a functional trick can transform a place in no time, leaving you time and space for creativity.

3)    An endless number of sliding doors in one closet give it more functionality and good access to everything that you store there with minimum efforts. No matter how long or multi-sectioned your closet is, there is always a way to make it comfortable with well-chosen custom sliding closet doors.


Sliding closet doors enrich any room

Instead of hiding your closet, make it a central part of your interior. The perfect way to achieve it is the custom sliding closet door option that can do miracles in your interior when used wisely. Great variety of mechanisms and materials allow designers not only create great functional spaces, but also fantastic stylistic solutions.

Custom sliding closet doors go in all shapes and colors

Some people neglect it, but designers know for sure how a color, material, and even a texture can set a tone for the entire interior and become a starting point in the design of a room. Therefore, the options available on the market is only the first step in choosing the right custom sliding closet door. The KNR Sliding Doors can help you with a professional advice, great variety of choices and perfect quality.

Carefully select the materials

Make sure that the materials you use for your custom sliding closet door will meet your needs and expectations. The KNR Sliding Doors offer the entire range of sliding door materials. Here you will definitely find something for your taste.


Recovering from Wisdom Teeth Removal

patient with wisdom tooth painAccording to the Surgeons’ Association, 70% of people have their wisdom teeth removed and 80% of those who don’t end up having problems within just seven years. For this reason, instant removal of wisdom teeth seems to be the most common action taken by dentists and oral surgeons.

Normally, these third molars will show between the ages of 16 and 22 and it is recommended that everybody visits the dentist regularly during this time to keep an eye on their progress. When they are first spotted, your dentist will decide what action to take and you may see them removed whilst under local or general anaesthetic. After the procedure is over, you will experience some discomfort so let’s look into some ways you can make this process a little easier.

Firstly, one of the most important steps in your recovery is the production of blood clots so you have to be careful not to dislodge these. As a result, you should steer clear of hot drinks, alcohol, and solid foods for the first couple of days. If you disrupt this healing process, it will become a whole lot more painful and prolonged. It is believed that most people recover within four days, although this could last up to a week.

For this time period, you want to keep everything to a minimum and not risk anything that could dislodge the blood clots; some people make the mistake of drinking through a straw but this simply concentrates all the force of sucking onto the affected area. Even brushing your teeth should be a careful procedure after wisdom teeth removal treatment; you shouldn’t brush at all for the first day. If you are experiencing pain, you can ask for a prescription pain killer or an over-the-counter alternative. Furthermore, an ice pack is a good investment for the swelling as this will ease the discomfort by numbing the area.

Ultimately, your dentist should tell you exactly what you should and shouldn’t do and if they haven’t, they should provide you with a list if asked. For example, a simple mixture of warm water and salt can help to keep the area clean and prevent an infection. In terms of food, they normally suggest starting soft and working your way back to normal again. If you can, get plenty of yoghurt and cottage cheese in the fridge before your surgery.

Overall, common sense is the most important thing you will need during the recovery period. If you’re still experiencing pain and discomfort, eat soft foods and use ice packs to numb the area. If you see discharge or experience extreme pain, visit the dentist because you may have an infection which, if left untreated, can cause serious damage. As long as you use your common sense, you will soon feel back to normal!

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Navigating single parenthood as a dentist

botox training new york mapHands up anyone who has found navigating single parenthood easy? No one can claim this honor because, if we are completely honest, parenthood in general just seems to be a case of stepping from one minefield to another – and when you add into the mix that it’s just you on your own, things can start to feel a little overwhelming. This is especially true for parents who work as well as raise their kids single handedly, and when you work in a medical profession such as dentistry, it’s no surprise that many dentists who are single parents just throw up their hands in the air and wonder whether they will ever be able to get the balance right between being a working professional, and being Mom or Dad.

However, the world is quickly changing, and thanks to advances within the medical community there is now a brilliant way for all dentists to gain further skills that will be able to help them to improve their dental practice, and therefore the standard of living for their children – something especially important for single parents, who are often the only breadwinner. This is a training course called Dentox, specially designed for dentists who want to expand their skills and start to offer Botox and dermal fillers to their current patients – and to attract new patients too.

What makes this training course so different is that instead of happening far out of state for a few days or even a week, it is a purposefully designed one day training course that packs in everything that you could need to know, and thanks to the decision of its creator, Dr Howard Katz, this Botox course is coming to Los Angeles. No travelling, no crazy costs, no overnight stay away from your children. Why not take another look at the training course that could really change your dental practice?

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Dentists: this is the easiest way for single parents to improve their skills

botox training new york mapThere are hundreds of thousands of single parents living within the city limits of New York, and although each of them have their own difficulties and struggles, there are some problems that they experience which are common to all. For some, it’s the panic around school and whether their child or children will be able to be comfortable and happy, thriving and learning. For others, it is the delicate relationship that they struggle to maintain with their ex-partner, the other parent of their child. But for some, the troubles are specific: and for single parents who are also dentists, some of the struggles can feel completely overwhelming.

For example, you want to be able to expand your dental practice, provide more for your child, enable them to do more than you would ever have thought possible – but in order to do that, you would have to go on not only very expensive training courses, but also travel out of town. When you are a single parent, taking off for a few days during the week is not always the easiest thing to organize, and for some it is just completely impossible. So how can you improve your skills and increase the number of treatments that you offer to patients without sacrificing time with your children?

The answer, thankfully, is easy: there is a new Botox and dermal filler training course in New York that has been created purposefully for dentists to take. Dr Howard Katz, the creator of the course called Dentox, is traveling around the country offering this one day training course in a variety of cities, including New York, so that single parents like yourself who are dentists are able to completely transform the way that you operate your dental practice. Now is the time to take a step that will benefit not just your career, but also your child as well.

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About Biological / Holistic Practices

As a child, I dreaded going to the dentist. I did not quite understand the importance of healthy teeth and thought it was just a painful place you were forced to go to. I remember this all changed when I had a bad earache. My mom took me to my pediatrician and she studied my ear and told me that my ears were fine, I was healthy, and any pain I was feeling was most likely due to a cavity in my back teeth. I remember this moment very clearly because it never dawned on me before that my mouth and my teeth can actually impact the rest of my body in positive and negative ways. I never thought having unhealthy teeth could cause other bodily complications such as an earache. The belief that our teeth, mouth, and jaw strongly impact our bodies health is the foundation of Holistic dentistry.

Holistic dentistry emphasizes the connection between oral health and our general health. These dentists work with many other doctors and health care professionals to get a comprehensive picture of the patient as a whole and not just as a mouth. The dentists aim to determine flawed areas of the patients oral health in order to understand how those sick areas are impacting their bodies functioning. A key belief in holistic dentistry is that our bodies are capable of self healing and dentists should always use the least invasive and toxic treatments. This is in order to just aid the body and give it a push so that its natural abilities can then take over. An example of this would be not using mercury fillings because of the toxicity.

A few of the differences between non-holistic and a legitimate holistic dentist can be easily seen in what procedures are done for the patients. Holistic dentists will not use amalgam or mercury fillings due to its toxicity and will even remove existing mercury fillings. Holistic dentists do not use fluoride treatments due to the controversy surrounding it; however, they will offer more natural products that serve the same function such as calcium and phosphate. Holistic dentists also do not approve of teeth extractions for purely cosmetic reasons. This is a practice commonly seen in orthodontics; removing some teeth due to overcrowding. The thought is that if your jaw is too crowded, getting rid of a few teeth will allow the remaining teeth to grow in properly. However, removing any teeth besides wisdom or the 3rd molars will cause changes in the size of jaws. Our jaws readjust and get smaller while our tongue stays the same. Having too large of a tongue can cause problems seen throughout the body.

Holistic dentistry can also help for people who like myself are very anxious at the dentist and generally dread going. Many different methods are used to ease a patients anxiety such as playing movies, listening to music, hypnosis, and if needed sedation medicine. Additionally, a special effort is given by the dentists to ensure they are always using the least painful method possible in the shortest amount of visits.

Before writing this article, I loved my dentist. But after discovering all this research I can tell you I will be calling up a holistic dentist in San Diego for my next appointment.