Is your dentist mercury safe?

Natural caduceus conceptScience and medicine are always moving forward, and it is amazing to think that in the last thirty years so much has been achieved. People are living longer and most importantly healthier lives, and that is brilliant – but the trouble is, we have to trust our doctors and dentists are totally up to speed with the latest developments. We are trusting every single person that takes care of us that they are reading the right research, checking with the specialists, and passing on those amazing advances in knowledge onto us. The real worry is when they do not do that, and it is huge problem with dentistry.

You may think that your dentist is excellent, but there is one really simple way for you to find out whether they are ahead of the game: ask your dentist whether they are mercury safe. Mercury has been used within the field of dentistry for hundreds of years, but the latest research has categorically proven that mercury actually damages people’s health. Until a few years ago, mercury fillings were the only possible option, and that mercury would slowly seep into a person’s blood stream, and slowly poison them.

Now, thankfully, medical research has demonstrated that it is totally possible to create a filling that does not include any mercury within it whatsoever, and that is what all of the dentists in the world should be using. It is a great indicator that shows whether or not your dentist is on the ball – because if they are willing to put a known poison and toxin into your mouth, what else could they be doing wrong? You owe it to yourself and to your health to find out whether or not your dentist is up to speed with the latest dental developments, and so you should definitely be asking them whether or not they are mercury safe.


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