Dentists: this is the easiest way for single parents to improve their skills

botox training new york mapThere are hundreds of thousands of single parents living within the city limits of New York, and although each of them have their own difficulties and struggles, there are some problems that they experience which are common to all. For some, it’s the panic around school and whether their child or children will be able to be comfortable and happy, thriving and learning. For others, it is the delicate relationship that they struggle to maintain with their ex-partner, the other parent of their child. But for some, the troubles are specific: and for single parents who are also dentists, some of the struggles can feel completely overwhelming.

For example, you want to be able to expand your dental practice, provide more for your child, enable them to do more than you would ever have thought possible – but in order to do that, you would have to go on not only very expensive training courses, but also travel out of town. When you are a single parent, taking off for a few days during the week is not always the easiest thing to organize, and for some it is just completely impossible. So how can you improve your skills and increase the number of treatments that you offer to patients without sacrificing time with your children?

The answer, thankfully, is easy: there is a new Botox and dermal filler training course in New York that has been created purposefully for dentists to take. Dr Howard Katz, the creator of the course called Dentox, is traveling around the country offering this one day training course in a variety of cities, including New York, so that single parents like yourself who are dentists are able to completely transform the way that you operate your dental practice. Now is the time to take a step that will benefit not just your career, but also your child as well.

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