Benefits of sliding doors

house barn doorThere are endless benefits of installing a sliding door over your traditional type of door. For one, you never have to worry about having a door being in someone way. one of the smallest benefits as well! In many situations, a sliding door is one of the wisest choices that you can make for the interior of your house.

One of the first major benefits you get with a sliding door is that it takes up less space. A standard door can take up to nine square feet of space. Do not even get me started on how much space the outlandish French doors can take. As a homeowner then you should know that space is necessary. Sliding doors only take up a few inches of floor space (this being the sliding track) at the cost of a being less protected than your typical doors.

Do be warned. Not every small room should have a sliding door since you need to have enough wall space to slide the door over so you closets will always be traditional it seems unless you get a pocket sliding door! The only difference between this and the sliding door is that some demolition is needed. Please hire a professional for this.

Now the other major reason that you will want a sliding door is that it is stylish! Designer Jeanette Van Wicklen has one of the most beautiful and tasteful sliding doors that I have ever seen. If your room is going for a rustic feel, then nothing will piece it together better then a sliding door! She is not the only one who is enjoying the look of sliding doors as Su Casa Designs, Feldman Architecture, TruLinea Architects, and Murphy & Co are just some of the big names who made a switch to sliding door. Rather you are going for a country look or want a door that looks just like a wall then a sliding door is a solution for you!