Benefits of sliding doors

house barn doorThere are endless benefits of installing a sliding door over your traditional type of door. For one, you never have to worry about having a door being in someone way. one of the smallest benefits as well! In many situations, a sliding door is one of the wisest choices that you can make for the interior of your house.

One of the first major benefits you get with a sliding door is that it takes up less space. A standard door can take up to nine square feet of space. Do not even get me started on how much space the outlandish French doors can take. As a homeowner then you should know that space is necessary. Sliding doors only take up a few inches of floor space (this being the sliding track) at the cost of a being less protected than your typical doors.

Do be warned. Not every small room should have a sliding door since you need to have enough wall space to slide the door over so you closets will always be traditional it seems unless you get a pocket sliding door! The only difference between this and the sliding door is that some demolition is needed. Please hire a professional for this.

Now the other major reason that you will want a sliding door is that it is stylish! Designer Jeanette Van Wicklen has one of the most beautiful and tasteful sliding doors that I have ever seen. If your room is going for a rustic feel, then nothing will piece it together better then a sliding door! She is not the only one who is enjoying the look of sliding doors as Su Casa Designs, Feldman Architecture, TruLinea Architects, and Murphy & Co are just some of the big names who made a switch to sliding door. Rather you are going for a country look or want a door that looks just like a wall then a sliding door is a solution for you!


Glass closet doors is the right choice for those looking for comfort

Customized sliding doorThe custom sliding closet door is not something new in the sphere of design interior. What is more, this trend has become so widely used in both residential and commercial places, that there is left only to wonder how designers are still managing to think of new and more original ways to interpret simple sliding closet doors.

1)    Custom sliding closet doors is a great choice for you when you simply need to save space and visually expand a room. Carefully chosen glass material can do miracles.

2)    Sliding doors can be used to serve several purposes. On the one hand, they can be used for the original and main purpose, which is to hide all your private stuff from the curious eyes of your visitors. On the other hand, an original designer approach can make it simply divide space in a room. Such a functional trick can transform a place in no time, leaving you time and space for creativity.

3)    An endless number of sliding doors in one closet give it more functionality and good access to everything that you store there with minimum efforts. No matter how long or multi-sectioned your closet is, there is always a way to make it comfortable with well-chosen custom sliding closet doors.


Sliding closet doors enrich any room

Instead of hiding your closet, make it a central part of your interior. The perfect way to achieve it is the custom sliding closet door option that can do miracles in your interior when used wisely. Great variety of mechanisms and materials allow designers not only create great functional spaces, but also fantastic stylistic solutions.

Custom sliding closet doors go in all shapes and colors

Some people neglect it, but designers know for sure how a color, material, and even a texture can set a tone for the entire interior and become a starting point in the design of a room. Therefore, the options available on the market is only the first step in choosing the right custom sliding closet door. The KNR Sliding Doors can help you with a professional advice, great variety of choices and perfect quality.

Carefully select the materials

Make sure that the materials you use for your custom sliding closet door will meet your needs and expectations. The KNR Sliding Doors offer the entire range of sliding door materials. Here you will definitely find something for your taste.