Navigating single parenthood as a dentist

botox training new york mapHands up anyone who has found navigating single parenthood easy? No one can claim this honor because, if we are completely honest, parenthood in general just seems to be a case of stepping from one minefield to another – and when you add into the mix that it’s just you on your own, things can start to feel a little overwhelming. This is especially true for parents who work as well as raise their kids single handedly, and when you work in a medical profession such as dentistry, it’s no surprise that many dentists who are single parents just throw up their hands in the air and wonder whether they will ever be able to get the balance right between being a working professional, and being Mom or Dad.

However, the world is quickly changing, and thanks to advances within the medical community there is now a brilliant way for all dentists to gain further skills that will be able to help them to improve their dental practice, and therefore the standard of living for their children – something especially important for single parents, who are often the only breadwinner. This is a training course called Dentox, specially designed for dentists who want to expand their skills and start to offer Botox and dermal fillers to their current patients – and to attract new patients too.

What makes this training course so different is that instead of happening far out of state for a few days or even a week, it is a purposefully designed one day training course that packs in everything that you could need to know, and thanks to the decision of its creator, Dr Howard Katz, this Botox course is coming to Los Angeles. No travelling, no crazy costs, no overnight stay away from your children. Why not take another look at the training course that could really change your dental practice?

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