Brushing your teeth: boring or brilliant?

BLD029665When we were all children, there were some things that we just hated to do. Whether it was keeping our rooms tidy, doing our homework, and not fighting with our siblings, there were all difficult, boring, or a mixture of the two. But the ultimate and very worst for many people is the classic brushing of the teeth. Of course, from a very young age we are taught to brush our teeth at least twice a day, to ensure that our teeth and gums remain as health as possible for as long as possible – but that does not make it fun!

On the other hand, there are many people that actually enjoy brushing their teeth. For them, it is a chance to stop and prepare themselves for the day ahead in the morning, and stop and take stock of their day in the evening. It is actually very calming, going through the routine of brushing flossing your teeth. Nothing quite beats the feeling of your tongue running across your teeth when you have just brushed. People that love brushing their teeth, of course, are often naturally happier in a routine.

Whichever side you fall down on, you hopefully do it twice a day – but we would ask you to take a really good look at your toothpaste as you put your HERE to your mouth once more today. After all, in all of those years of brushing your teeth, have you ever considered what you are actually putting into your mouth? Most people haven’t, but you would be surprised how many dangerous chemicals are actually ingredients within toothpaste. So whether or not your think that brushing your teeth is boring or brilliant, make an informed choice about what you use to do it!

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